Meet the people giving their design secrets away.

lady wearing pink apron and white flowers against white concrete wall

Alicia Aulsebrook

Seamstress & costume designer

Material: Textile waste

Gerogie Brunmayr 02

Georgie Brunmayr


Material: E-waste

Pink timber background with man standing in brown shirt and black pants

Maxwell Carr

Industrial designer

Material: Bamboo

image of women with long dark hair standing looking into the camera, wearing a white shirt and jeans

Rosanna Ceravolo


Material: Stone samples

white background with man wearing black shirt adam cornish

Adam Cornish

Industrial designer

Material: Plastic, Plants, Prototypes

Photo of a women with brown hair standing against a stone wall staring into camera wearing black shirt.

Olivia Davies


Material: Car parts

photo of a women with black hair standing in a shiny black nylon coat against a black leather wall

Marta Figueiredo


Material: Resin

Photo of man standing against stone wall with short brown hair and black shirt. staring away from camera into distance

Patrick Hayes

Architect & furniture designer

Material: Cardboard

Ema Hewitt Plastic Melb Design Week 2021 2

Ema Hewitt


Material: Plastic

black background with blue swish light with man in black shirt wearing glasses sitting down

Luke Howard

Pianist & composer

Material: Musical compositions

Andrew Hustwaite Artist And Designer Man Blonde With Glasses

Andrew Hustwaite

Artist & designer

Material: Bronze

women with brown hair sitting on a pink chair wearing blue striped shirt and purple pants.

Rachel Kelly

Designer & Producer

Material: Creative

Photo of women in blue overalls with curly hair holding a silver fixture, wearing gloves.

Nicole Lawrence


Material: Steel, Aluminium

Photo of man holding blue terrazzo piece of concrete, wearing pink hat and green shirt.

Micka Lesinskis

Concrete & terrazzo artist

Material: Concrete, Terrazzo


Edward Linacre


Material: Bamboo

Adam Markowitz Tile Cr Peter Ancic

Adam Markowitz

Architect & fine furniture designer/ Maker

Material: Wood

Blue swirley background with women with brown hair in blue shirt

Megan Stewart

Multidisciplinary designer

Material: Cardboard


Andy Summons


Material: Creative

photo of a women through framework with black hair sitting explaining with her hands

​Kristen Wang

Experimental designer

Material: Coffee grounds

black and white photo of women with short curly hair staring into camera wearing a white shirt with a detailed collar.

Ulla-Britta Westergren


Material: Creative

Blue background with man in pink dressing gown eating noodles

Matt Worthington

Graphic Designer

Material: Creative

logo of purple cross with 's' cut out against a green background.


Web development

Material: Code