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Melbourne Design Week

25—28 March 2021

By-Product Exhibition Hero Image of different objects on a pink background. Objects include silver hook, orange, plastic, rope, tape, wood chips, foam, splatter of dirt, marbled stone, dirt

A group exhibition

Exploring how circular economy and open-source knowledge sharing can help reduce waste in design.

Come and meet the designers trashing tradition for an open-source future.

This exhibition is now closed.

How might open-source knowledge sharing solve design's waste problem?

Meet the designers sharing their processes.

Alicia Aulsebrook

Seamstress & costume designer

Adam Cornish

Industrial designer

Patrick Hayes

Architect & furniture designer

Ema Hewitt


Luke Howard

Pianist & composer

Andrew Hustwaite

Artist & designer

Rachel Kelly

Designer & Producer

Micka Lesinskis

Concrete & terrazzo artist

Adam Markowitz

Architect & fine furniture designer/ Maker

Megan Stewart

Multidisciplinary designer

Andy Summons


​Kristen Wang

Experimental designer

Matt Worthington

Graphic Designer


Web development